Grandpa’s 60th birthday!

I can’t believe my dad is this OLD. It’s funny really, I used to think 40 was old, but now that I’m only a few years away from it, it doesn’t seem too old at all. The more I think about it, I don’t really think 60 is that old either. I think we all pretty much stay the same age in our minds. (For me that age is 19.) Anyway, back on topic. We went up to Dad’s house for his birthday party. It was fun to hang out with everyone. My dad is 60 years old (as of June 5). He has been married just over 38 years. He has 10 kids, and 28 grandkids, with one on the way (grandkid, that is).
Dad got an iPad for his birthday. I covet.
You can see at the bottom of the cake, that by the time we got all 60 candles lit, the first few had pretty much melted completely.
Unrelated picture alert: as we were leaving the party, my sister stuck Jace up here on the ledge. I tell you that girl has no fear.