Junior Photographers

These are pictures that I found a little while ago on our “old” camera. The kids have been using it for a while (mainly Rae) and we were giving the camera to some of our most favorite people, so I took the card out to clear it. Much to my surprise there were some really fun pictures on there, and I’m glad I found them before giving away the card. Isn’t Rae a good photographer?

Teegan at soccer.

Teegan and Jaxson. Synchronized flipping.
Not so limber.

So limber.

Amazingly also limber. Who took this picture?

Little Flipper.

Big Flipper.

That looks like it’s gonna hurt.

My baby. :'(
Getting artistic.
Jaxson and Jace.
Sienna. Wassup.
Great colors.
Crazy kids.
And of course a picture of converse. I mean, Rae was the photographer after all.