Yeah, I pretty much can’t believe it either. Rae is a teenager. She is a joy in our lives, and the best kid anyone could ask for. She is a good friend, and she always tries very very hard to choose the right. I love her so much, and couldn’t have wished for an “oldest” child to be any better, she is such a good example to the other yahoos. We are so proud of her. For her bday Rae had her best friend Lizzy come over for presents and “cake”. They’ve been friends for 5 years now, and we adore Lizzy. Thanks for coming over. We bought Rae a desk for her birthday, that we were going to refinish for her. (As of this writing, the refinishing has been scrapped and dad is just going to build her a new one lol).

Yes, her cake is made of “oatmeal pies”. It’s what she wanted. And who am I to insist on conventional cake? I mean, I really wanted to spend a few extra hours making and frosting a cake, but the birthday girl should have what she wants, right?