The Whole Fam Damily

While the whole family was in town for Darren’s farewell, we decided to take some family pictures. There was no good reason for this, it’s not like we were afraid that he wouldn’t ever come back or anything ;o). We just thought, since we are all here, nothing to do, kinda dressed in coordinating colors, why not go out and take some pictures? I provided the camera and my sweet Jason provided the skill. It was freezing cold. And we all look a little pale at the beginning, getting progressively pinker and pinker as it goes along.

In this picture the guys were sitting on a bench that was covered with ice. They all had wet bums for the rest of the shoot.

This same shot was taken in a studio before David left on his mission. Darren was only 10 or so and Ashley was tiny. (Not that that has changed much).
These are my siblings, in order of age, from left to right: Sherri, Debra, Me, Ryan, (Mark would be here), David, Karen, Amber, Ashley, and Darren. Love them.