We call her Sota Pup.  But technically she is not a pup anymore.  She’ll be 2 years old in November.  We’ve had her since she was a pup though.  She’s a Shiba Inu, just like our MoJoTiKa was.  Best dogs ever. I mean ever. Why did we get a puppy?  Well, I wanted more babies.  And I didn’t think I was ever going to get one. And so I saw a picture of this girl and I was a goner. We had her flown in from Missouri when she was 8 weeks old. And she won us over.  And now that I’m going to have another baby, and I’ve decided I’m not really a pet person after all… it’s too late.  We are all in love with her and can’t do a dang thing about it. DSC_2477sota6sota5sota4sota3sota2sota1