Running out

I feel the time slipping away. The months have turned to weeks and the weeks are nearly down to days until we have to leave. I will miss our friday nights at the football games. We’ve never been huge sports fanatics, but so many of the young men in our ward play on the football...

Book Worms

Have I ever mentioned that we are readers? We are. Weekly library trips will be missed when we head back to Utah. Saratoga Springs has a pathetic library. For real.

When it rains

Indiana. When it rains it pours. I got out of my car yesterday and went into the grocery store. It had just started to sprinkle. It was just a quick trip to pick up a few things, it maybe took me about 20 minutes. When I went back outside, so much rain had fallen I...

Missing Mona

Sister Perry AKA Rae AKA Rae Mona AKA Mona… turned 20 last week! Missing your kid on their birthday is kind of the worst. But, we made the best of it… drove to the lake and had a birthday party in her honor. Complete with pizza. And freezing water. Happy birthday McKyla Rae, we miss...

A rare day off

I doesn’t happen often.  But when it does, we take advantage of it.  Dad actually had a Saturday off work. We ran over to Bristol and hopped in the river for a kayaking trip.  We floated for a couple hours, saw tons of turtles, birds, etc and enjoyed every blessed second.