What a Beautiful Day

We had the most beautiful weather today! I love late spring, when every truly warm day is a gift, and it’s not so hot I forget to appreciate the fact that it’s not snowing. We decided to take a little walk today and get some pix for Father’s Day. We ended up driving up to our old park in Cedar Hills; there is just no better place for pictures. Unfortunately my little girl fell asleep on the drive over and was woken up when we got there. Did not put her in the best mood for smiling. But, grumpy or not, she is still dang adorable. Here are just a couple of the pix we took.

I think this is going to be one of my new favorite pictures.

I love the trees in this park. Last year the ground was covered with leaves, but this year the stream was running and the grass was soft.

The kids kept asking to get out of the shade and into the sun, but all the rocks and trees were in the shade. Luckily they were good sports about it.

One of the very few times we got a smile out of Sienna…not one of her best smiles, but a smile none the less. I had to post this one anyway because my Jaxson is such a little hotty!

My kids love the Sound of Music, and after we took this picture they kept singing koo-koo because it reminds them of the goodbye song.

We had to stop and play at the park.

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