Thanksgiving Gardens

Well, it’s the beginning of the second full week of Summer vacation. I think I’m going to try to do something fun with the kids at least once a week while they are out of school. That’s not too ambitious, right? I would hate to be too ambitious. I’m contemplating getting a pass to the Lehi pool, and canceling our membership to the Legacy Center. It just doesn’t seem right to swim inside on a gorgeous summer day (and it doesn’t help the tan either). My friend Jailyn is going to be going there this summer, and she used to be a swim instructor, so maybe she could give my kids some pointers. So, some weeks, the fun thing I do with my kids may just be going to the pool. But this week I decided to brave 5 kids by myself and I took them to the Discovery Gardens at Thanksgiving Point, and then we went to the Grown up gardens too. The kids had a blast, and we all survived…although I should have worn something other than flip flops, my feet are sore! I was surprised how much fun they had, it’s not real interactive, more of a walk along and look at things type of place, but they really seemed to like it. So, now I’ve been a fun mom for this week, and it’s only MONDAY. Go me.

I loved this spot, how it looks like the flowers are spilling out of the pots.

Glad to be out of the stroller

McKyla and Sienna

Sitting in front of the falls

My McKyla Rae.

Noah’s Ark

Just plain old pooped.

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