New Pool

Yesterday afternoon Jason went to the park with the kids to play freeze-tag. He lasted longer than I expected considering it was 100 degrees outside. After a while he started heading home, and the kids asked where he was going. He told them he was going home to put his swim trunks on so he could soak them all! They all ran home, and there the fun unraveled. You see, our washer broke a few days ago. It’s only a year old. I called a repair guy (luckily we bought the five year warranty for parts and labor) and he can’t make it out until tomorrow. After a few days in a house with 5 kids, and a husband who works construction, I don’t have to tell you the pile of laundry was becoming a mountain. Not only that, but my boys were playing outside in jeans and long sleeved shirts, because all their summer clothes were dirty. (I can only imagine what the neighbors think of me.) Anyway, I hit my breaking point and couldn’t stand to be in the house with that much dirty laundry for one more day. I was headed to the laundromat. Jason, being the wonderful guy he is, volunteered to come help….so the water fight was put on hold. This is where the story gets expensive. Not only did we spend $30 doing laundry, how aggravating, but my husband decides he feels guilty about bailing out on the water fight. So, we ended up buying a new pool. I think the kids forgave him. We didn’t have time to set it up last night because we had dinner plans, but I set it up this morning and then we waited 5 hours for it to fill up. Even I got in and swam, and it is wonderful. It will be so nice to be able to cool off everyday. The kids are still out there swimming as I type. I think they will sleep well tonight.
No caption necessary on this picture, once I saw it, I had to post it.

Teegan testing the temperature.

I taught the kids how to make a whirpool that will float them around in circles.

We also bought a $10 pool for Sienna, I only put an inch of water in it, and she played for over an hour. She loved it, which surprised me, because she hasn’t been too fond of swimming so far this summer.

My four big kids.

I love this face, and I love that she feels healthy enough to play again.

McKyla Rae, lounging.

She does think it’s fun to climb in and out of her pool herself, which is not my favorite thing.

The water was a little cold, I told them it will warm up over the next few days.