Feeling Better

Just a quick update to let everyone know my little one is finally feeling better for the first time in months! All the rashes are clearing up, leaving pink scar tissue which will …hopefully… become soft baby skin in a few weeks. Her personality has come back in full, which I was scared might not happen, and her appetite has returned. In fact, she put on 1/2 pound in the last week, halelujah! Now we just need her hair to stop falling out and start growing again. The doc cleared us to take her camping, as long as we keep her out of the water, so we will be headed to Gleason family reunion on Monday, and then Perry Family Campout the following Monday. Once those two weeks are over, my summer can slow down a little, and I can start getting ready for our new little one, due Sept. 21. It always amazes me how life never slows down.