Katauna Shae

Believe it or not Katauna is 7!!! I can’t believe she is getting so old. Just a few years ago she was my baby! Katauna is so beautiful and such a crack up. She loves to color, and she loves playing with her friends. She is by far my pickiest eater, but when it’s something she likes she can really put it down! She is always respectful and obedient (except keeping her room clean, grrrr) and has the greatest laugh. One thing I love about Tauna is that she had a baby tooth that never came in, so her teeth have so much space between them, I think it gives her the cutest smile. She was born 10 days late in order to make her arrival on Valentine’s Day!
Happy Birthday Katauna Shae
This is a new shirt she got from Grandma & Grandpa Gleason, I love how it brings out her blue eyes.
We just had a quiet party at home with just our little family of 8.

Instead of cake, the kids got to frost and decorate these sugar cookies that Grandma Gleason made. Thanks mom!