Sienna’s Lonely Weekend

Poor Sienna had a lonely lonely weekend, with all the big kids gone at their cousin’s houses. Here’s a recap:
Drop off Katauna at Maren and Grace’s house for a sleepover. Cry because all my friends have left me alone with mom and dad and baby Jace.
Go with mom to see my brand new cousin, Kamden David Gleason only 2 days old. Cheer up because he is so cute and I get to play with all of Kambri and Kesli’s toys.

Come home and make a big big mess with the butter on the counter while mom is working on the computer because I am soooo bored.

Hide from mom when she discovers the big mess on the counter.

Say I’m sorry and get a drink of water in a big girl cup. Keep testing to see if I can take it into the living room. Drink it in the kitchen.

Wake up the next morning. Watch the movie with mom and dad that they fell asleep during last night. Eat omelets and peaches for breakfast. Go shopping with mom and dad and Jace at Home Depot for sprinkler repairing stuff. MISS THE KIDS.

Katauna returns from her overnighter with a new purse from Maren that I will have so much fun getting into. Can’t wait for the other three to get home tomorrow!