Pioneer Day

Happy 24th of July one and all! We spent the day at home, but headed up in the evening for a BBQ at Grandma and Grandpa Gleason’s house. The men headed up to hike Timp, so it was just women and children for the most part. We played washers for a few hours, with my mom taking the title of all-time winner. Once it got dark we did sparklers, but that was the extent of the fireworks. The kids got wet, played basketball, and hung out with their cousins. After we got the kids settled in with a movie, McKyla and I played cards with Ashley, Sarah, Aly, Jocelyn, Shalyn and Grandma. We played until about 1:30 a.m. when the men showed up, their overnight trip spoiled by a thunderstorm. A great day, thanks everyone!
She was surprisingly unafraid of the sparklers and kept reaching for the flame. Thanks Aunt Karen for the sparklers. (Did you remember you bought them right after the 4th when you were in town?) And thanks Aunt Jocelyn who always brings the glow sticks!

Sienna did start the day fully clothed. But a combination of hose and dirt and little girl changed that within an hour or two of arriving. (Not that I’m saying she is usually fully clothed… in fact she has been sporting the diaper look practically all summer. My next door neighbors came over with their 18 month old in just a diaper the other day and his dad Tyson said “We dressed him down, to adhere to the dress code.”)