Nenna Bug

This is my little girl. She is almost 2. (6 more days). She is the kid we never thought we were going to have. She is the little thing that has taught us that you can think you are happy and then something can come along that so changes your world, you realize that you never even knew what happy was. She is the smile that lights up the face of mom, dad, Kyla, Jaxson, Teegan, Katauna and Jace every time we look at her. She amazes me. My big kids will randomly say to me “I’m so glad Nenna is in our family”. I guess I’m not the only one.
Sienna reminds me so much of McKyla at her age. Little Beauties.
When do we lose our curiosity?
Her cheezer grin. Oh man, I could eat her.

Blowing Kisses to dad.
Just in case August gets too busy….Happy Birthday on the 3rd my Sienna Tae.