Sienna’s Birthday

For Sienna’s 2nd Birthday – and yes, I can’t believe she’s already two – we had Ryan and Jocelyn and their 3 girls over for Sunday Dinner. After that the Spackman’s came over, as well as Aunt Amber. It was quick and simple. Just a few gifts and some cupcakes. 2 years has sure blown by, and even though she’s kinda small for her age, and eats almost nothing, we are sure glad she’s healthy and happy and such a joy to this family. Why would I pay for wrapping paper, when I already pay for the Sunday paper?
Katauna bought this hat for Nenna. It was a hit.


This is the face we get anytime we ask her to smile.
Is this cake mess tradition supposed to only happen on the first birthday? Oh well.
I bought caramel frosting on accident instead of chocolate. Turns out it is quite delish.

Happy Birthday our Beautiful Sienna Tae. We love you tons and bunches.