A Visit to Ma & Pa Perry’s Cabin

Now that Dad is back in town on a more permanent basis, we’ve had time to realize that summer is just about over. How sad. He was gone for the last month of school and the entire summer vacation. We decided since the kids are about to start school in a few days, we would throw in and go camping for the weekend. We made plans to leave on Thursday night and camp for three nights, with a visit to the cabin for an afternoon, but these particular plans were just not meant to be. We ended up scrapping the camping idea, since we weren’t able to leave until Friday night, and we just went up to stay at the cabin instead. It was a lot of fun. It’s been a long time since we’ve been up to the cabin, and it was great for Grandma and Grandpa to see these kiddos. Katauna sure loves her Grandma Perry, and snuggled her the whole weekend.

A big hit of the trip was the rope swing. Everyone took a turn. Here’s McKyla.

And Katauna.


Jaxson Lane.


It’s a really good swing.

And even mom. But I was too scared to jump from the top, so Jason just had to swing me.

McKyla showing Sienna the goats.

Although Sienna’s favorite part of the whole weekend was getting dirty.
She liked to bathe herself in it.

On Saturday Jason and I drove down to town and met Casey and Tanya Hermansen and their kids. Casey and Jason were great friends in high school, and he was the best man at our wedding. We love their family so much and don’t get to see them nearly enough.

Casey shooting the rifle. Jason sitting down, and Elijah and Grandpa Perry watching.

Sharp shooter.
Tanya visiting with Grandma. You can barely make out Livvy’s little blond curly head behind Tanya. Just like Sienna, Livvy just wanted to play in the dirt the whole day. We’re so glad you guys got to come spend the day with us!

The rest of our weekend was filled with a lot of shooting. Some hiking. A couple hours trying to tame the squirrels and “chickamonks”. And a lot of dirt.
Which she loved.
Oh, and Grandpa left the chicken eggs in a can on the floor for about 4.7 seconds. Jason and I were just talking earlier today about the messes this girl makes. She is destructive. And she is quick. Sorry about your eggs Grandpa!
We packed like we were going camping, so it was breakfast burritos for breakfast, deli sandwiches for lunch and tin foil dinners for supper. Yumm-o.
All the kids were great. It’s sad we weren’t able to do more of this this year. I’m glad we got in this one trip before school started. Thanks for letting us come to stay Grandma and Grandpa.