First Day of School 2009

Today was the first day of school. School glorious school! Laaa! The kids were all excited, of course. The last 3 weeks have been a little rough around here. A little more bickering than I like, a lot more messes. It was definitely time for school to resume. I’m glad that my kids love to learn.
This year McKyla is in 6th grade with Miss Albaugh, Jaxson is in 5th with Mrs. Mullinax, Teegan is in 3rd with Mrs. Harward,and Katauna is in 2nd grade with Miss Maurin. All the kids love their new teachers. It should be a great year!Sienna and Jace have to come to work with me every day now. At least it gives them some more kids to play with, so they don’t get to missin the big kids too much.