In the meantime

While my camera is still not working, it has inspired me to finally figure out how to get the pictures off my phone and onto my computer. Now, I know this is really easy, but for some reason, this particular disk has been a real pain… I think because it also holds voicenotes and videos. Anyway, I finally figured it out. So, while the quality might not be great, at least there are a few photos I can share whilst still searching for my camera charger. The last time dad went to Page, he was only gone 2 weeks… but it was much too long. We couldn’t last through the weekend without him, so we packed up and drove down Saturday night, and returned on Sunday night. It was fun to see him, even if for only a while. I didn’t get many pictures, because of the dead camera, but I took a few. I didn’t take any at the beach, because I didn’t want to have my phone out in all that sand, but we did spend the afternoon at the beach at Lone Rock. It was a ton of fun for the kiddos, and fairly relaxing for Jason and I. Before hitting the beach we decided to take a hike to the horseshoe overlook. It is a 3/4 mile hike. Most of us were in flip flops. Not sure what we were thinking. It was HOT.
But the view was incredible. Look at this herd of kids. Wow.
Lucky for me I have the best helpers in the world. Jax was a trooper, and stayed at the back of the pack to help me haul this little one.

It was so hot, and hard to walk on this path in flip flops, but the sand was too hot to do without them for long.

At the end of the trail. Our two little peanuts.