Spring has sprung.

Last Saturday it was finally warm enough to go play at the park. It’s so fun having a park right in our backyard, making it much less of a production to get there. Jason and the kids headed over first, while I was finishing some stuff up, and then I joined them.Sienna on the swings.

Dad on top of the bars, being chased by Teegan and Tauna on the rings. Freeze tag is always the name of the game at the park.

Jace became suddenly stinky shortly after arrival. What a good big brother she has who took her home and changed her up and gave her a ride back.

Whew, playing at the park can get very tiring!

And we found out that Jace Face has no fear at all, she was climbing to the tops of the toys, even places Nenna was scared to go.
I LOVE warm weather.