Easter Weekend Ski Trip

Jason and I had so much fun skiing a few weeks ago, we decided that it is time to start doing more of it. We talked to the kids about buying some gear and getting season passes next year. They all enthusiastically agreed. So the last few weeks we have scoured ksl and ebay and come up with gear for everyone. Just in time too, because we went to Burley for Easter and went skiing with the majority of Jason’s family on Saturday. The morning greeted us with 30mph gusts of wind, and it was FREEZING. But we decided to head up to Pomerelle and check it out anyway. At first they didn’t have the lifts running because it was too windy, but after about 20 minutes they opened it all up.

Katauna was a little shaky at first but by the afternoon she was tearing it up.
Needless to say it was a very cold morning, but all the kids got out there and were anxious to learn. They spent a couple minutes on the bunny slope but quickly were ready to hit the ski lift. They all did fantastic. By the end of the day they had graduated off “milk” (the easiest run – the only run I went on all day) and tried a few of the faster runs. It was really fun to watch them.

Here’s Teegan after a wipeout.
The afternoon was beautiful! The wind died down, and the sun came out. Because of the morning weather, I bet there weren’t more than 150 people at the resort all day long. We basically had the place to ourselves, walked onto every lift and could ski a run without seeing another person. It was the perfect day to teach the kids. (And for me to keep learning.)

McKyla chowing down.
At lunch time Jayla and Julie brought us homemade chicken noodle soup and hot chocolate. Yummo. A good part of the fun of that day came from hanging out with family all day.
Jaxson looks like a pro already.
Jason and I, with McKyla in the background.

McKyla opted to snowboard instead of ski. Luckily Uncle Dalan took her under his wing and taught her. She was carving it up pretty good pretty quick, Jason and I were both very impressed. She did have a crash that hit her head pretty hard and she is still sore from that, but got right back up and kept going. All in all, a proud day to be a mom. And a ton of fun!