Sienna had the great idea to cut herself some bangs. So, her very first haircut of her life was given to her by herself. After that, I took her to Kiauna to fix it, and I gotta say, I think the final haircut is a keeper.

First Day of School

The obligatory first day of school photos. Rae and Jaxson are attending Western Oaks Middle School, as an 8th and 7th grader, respectively. Teegan is in 5th grade and Katauna is in 4th, and they are both going to Lake Park Elementary.

The Oklahoma City Bombing

When I was a senior in highschool I decided to ditch school. One time. For real, I only ever ditched one time. My bff Shelley and I were going to go to the beach. Her parents were going to be gone all day, so she played sick…. and then I was coming over to her...

Sienna is 4.

The little Nenna bug is 4 years old. I can’t describe how happy we are to have her in our family. A better surprise there has never been. She is a joy and a sparkle in our lives. This year she got her first bike…. since our driveway is like half a mile long. She...


When we found out we were moving, we knew we didn’t have a lot of time. One thing I wanted to do for sure was a photo shoot with Rae and her best friend Lizzy. We love Lizzy so much and are so glad they are such close friends! We hope they never quit being...