Look out Pinterest

So, there are things I love about this house, and there are things I don’t really love.  The kitchen falls in the latter category.  For such a big house, the kitchen is TINY.  As in, two people trying to work in there together gets very annoying.  And the “eat-in” dining area of the kitchen is way to small for our (seats ten) table. Luckily the house has two, yes two, dining rooms.  So, there is a spot for our table, and it is in a gorgeous room on the back of the house with windows on every wall and in the ceiling and a gorgeous view of the lake.  But, it’s a little set back from the kitchen and the rest of the house, and you kind of get lonely if you are having a snack alone.  Secondly, there is no drawer space in the kitchen. 4 tiny drawers.  None of them are big enough for a silverware tray.  I’ve been keeping my silverware in the pantry and I’m about to lose my mind.

Anyway…  we decided a kitchen island with a little bar space would be perfect for the tiny unused eat-in area of the kitchen. Everything I found either didn’t have enough drawer space to tempt me, didn’t have a bar, or was just too dang expensive.  Pinterest to the rescue.  I searched for DIY kitchen island and found a bunch of ideas, including the idea to take an old dresser, add a butcher block top and voila! So I decided to give it a try.

I found this dresser at an antique store in downtown South Bend, and it may be the coolest shop I’ve ever been in. Seriously.  I’m totally in love with my new island, and there was enough butcher block left to make a massive cutting board for my counter which is the bomb.  I hate running out of room on a cutting board.

This project made me think I have skills. I’m sure the delusion will fade quickly, but I’m going to relish it while it lasts.  Feast your eyes.