Baby. Baptized.

It may be because she is my youngest that I had such a hard time posting these baptism photos of my little Jace Face.  That may be the reason I waited an entire year after her baptism to get them on the blog. I mean, it’s emotional, your littlest become not so little anymore.  So that is probably why it took so long to post these.  It probably had nothing to do with the fact that we moved two days post baptism and life has been insane and her mom is sometimes overwhelmed and equal parts forgetful and lazy, leading to a little girl saying “hey we still need to take my baptism photos” every few weeks for a year until you finally grab her baptism dress on the way to take some other pictures, make her change in the car, and then pretend you are not a year behind.  I’m sure it’s about the pain of seeing her grow, and nothing else.