Fall 2017

It is that time of year again.  My facebook and instagram feeds are just pages and pages and pages of back-to-school photos of grinning kids with too-big backpacks and crisp new jeans.  I always like the reminder that it is time for me to take some photos of my kids and document that they are getting older, even if they don’t get new clothes.  This year we decided to run over to the beach on Lake Michigan, because, well, we’ve never lived near a beach before and who knows if we ever will again. Teegan drove us out there and back, bringing him 3 hours closer to completing his required driving hours before he can get his license.  He is getting so close.  Even though it was semi overcast, and they weren’t facing the sun, there were definitely some squinty eyes going on.  But, here they are anyway.  Love these yahoos, and oh how I miss their big sister, big brother, and little sister.  If we were “normal”  this year Teegan would be a senior, Katauna a Junior, Sienna in 4th grade and Jace in 3rd.  But if you ask them what grade they are in, you might just get a blank stare.  We love the homeschooling life.