Welcome Home

The day before Christmas my little sister Amber came home from her mission in Austria! While she was gone for 18 months, there were four new babies born into the Gleason clan. 2 of them were mine. That is just not right! Everyone was there for her return, except Karen and Joe who were able to arrive from Cali the next day. Welcome Home Sister Gleason.

Ashley, Kimberly & Stephanie made this sign. It said (they thought) Welcome Home in German, then Amber, then Welcome Home in English. The welcome home in German ended up not being quite right, but who cares! The sign spanned Grandma & Grandpa’s whole house. Kyla helped with the coloring.

Here is Sister Gleason getting out of the van, welcomed by 24 of the 26 grandkids, and all their parents. Probably a little overwhelming, but she was a good sport.

Hugs from Grace, Katauna, and Kambri in the front.

This is the gift she received as a welcome home. The boys got shotguns. Welcome Home Amber, we are all proud of you.