no time to spare

We got home from palmyra on July 4, and on July 6 dad and I and Steve and Tauna were all out the door for a week at trek.  I had been so stressed out about this, because I had no family here to take care of the little girls.  But really, I do.  My friend Sarah took them for the week and they had so much fun, and were quick to let me know that Sarah is a really good cook.  I’m so grateful for the amazing friends I have found here in Indiana, I didn’t worry about the girls a single bit. Trek was amazing.  Jason and I got to be a ma and pa again and we had an incredible family. We got to experience some insane Indiana heat, as well as horrendous mosquitos buzzing our faces at night to the point that sleep was elusive. We had to find shelter at 2:00 a.m. as a storm rolled in.  We had good food and made great memories. I’m grateful for our pioneer forefathers and what they went through to find their freedom of religion.